10 High Authority Web2.0 Properties With Relevant Image, Article for




10 High Authority Web2.0 Properties With Relevant Image, Article

The Web 2.0 sites are the most important websites for creating backlinks. Backlinks gathered from such sites are good for SEO, PR and your website’s ranking on search engines. When you write high quality articles and post them on Web 2.0 sites along with the link to your website, this is will be very useful for SEO and rising the rank of your site. You can also get direct traffic from these sites when your articles are of good quality with highly attractive topics.

A web 2.0 backlink is simply a HTML link from a website, which is considered a web 2.0 property.

Web 2.0 properties are sites where anyone can create a free blog on the domain, and hence they can write content on the platform and post links.

WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly, Blogger, Jimdo, etc are examples of these domains.

The advantage of gaining backlinks from web 2.0 platforms is that they are considered trustworthy by Google, as they have a high Domain Authority (An SEO metric that Moz use to indicate how powerful a website is).

Therefore, gaining a link from web 2.0 platforms is definitely worth it, but it can take a while to setup these sites, create content and link out.

What is the strategy to build Web 2.0 backlinks to your website?

Firstly, similarly to building any backlinks, it’s important that you create them so that they look natural! This way, if you competitors or Google find them, they just look like they’re a natural part of the web.

Now we want to talk strategy!

There are a few steps that I would follow in order to create web 2.0 backlinks for your website

  • Create a Web 2.0 account on WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly, Etc
  • Include target/niche keyword in URL
  • Build out profile, with images, about us page, etc
  • Create at least 3 articles on each web 2.0
  • Link out to other authority websites within your niche (not your competitors)
  • Link out to your website using a natural anchor text profile (branded or URL as anchor text)

And that’s it! This will provide your website with a nice, natural-looking backlink!

However, you also want to power up these web 2.0’s with backlinks, so that you’re able to simulate a viral linking strategy…

In essence, you want for Google to see that content, which includes the link to your website, is going viral! Hence, your website must be high quality, and therefore you should receive a substantial boost in the search engine results.

10 High Authority Web2.0 properties with relevant image, article

10 Web2.0 are:

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